Ozone – The Art of Socks
Simply the Most Stylish, Comfortable Socks You Can Stock

“We believe that socks should be a work of art and an expression of individuality while being a comfortable and practical part of everyday wear.”  Ozone Design Inc.

Designer socks for women and men that are truly a work of art, featuring of-a-kind designs created by artists, with the best materials and highest attention to detail.  Retailers … Get Started Now with socks that will fly off your shelves.

The Best Socks in the Universe

“Unparalleled. Comfortable (Rich Ozone Cotton) and always beautiful looking. That’s what sets Ozone apart: the colors, patterns, designs. Each pair is a work of art.  Our customers see the Ozone socks – which are well-priced – and they cannot resist them! They fly out the door.”
Lora Wiley, Au Marche ~ Lawrence, KS

Ladies Ozone Socks - Spring Catalog

Mens Ozone Socks - Spring Catalog

Top Reasons to Stock Ozone Socks!

It all starts with impeccable styling, artistic designs, and quality that permeate every aspect of the Ozone line. Best Selling features:

  • UNIQUE DESIGN:  One of the most fashionable patterns on the market. Ozone Design has designer socks for men and women that are truly a work of art.  Floral, aviary, industrial, Nordic and pop art styles are among the most popular items we offer, but there’s always something new!
  • VIVID COLORS: The fibers of each sock feature rich, vibrant hues, which add a sophisticated touch to your style. 
  • EXTREMLY COMFORTABLE: Made from the highest quality natural cotton fiber for its luxurious feel, strength and breath-ability with heels, toes, seams and designs all knit into the socks.
  • PRODUCT QUALITY:  Consistently outstanding and the socks ship easily.

Ozone Ladies Socks

Designer socks for women and men that are truly a work of art from Ozone Design, The Art of Socks.
Ladies, meet your new favorite fashion accessory.  Ozone’s bright and fun footwear is just the thing to
add a splash to your wardrobe.

Explore our one-of-a-kind designs created by artists in Ozone’s Sock Collection.
To see all colors available in each style, please view the Ozone catalogs for Women and Men.

 Ozone Mens Socks

Ozone’s fashionable business socks for men. With tongue-in-cheek designs and colorful patterns, you’re sure to always stay a step ahead when you don this footwear.

Put the Ozone Brand to Work for Your Business

Ozone Design Socks are a top selling brand and are set apart for their colors, patterns and designs.  When you work with us at Scandinavian Specialties, you will share in a vital stream of in-demand socks certain to jump off your shelves.

We would love to show you Ozone Sock’s best sellers and our full range of hand-selected, Scandinavian goods in person at our Hudson Showroom, open Monday – Friday (9am – 5pm).  Retailers, get started by exploring the Ozone Ladies and Ozone Men’s Sock Catalogs. Contact us anytime online or by phone for wholesale pricing.